…and i’m done!

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Thai red curry? Check! A piece of advice for anyone out there who enjoys thai curries and cooks – find yourself a thai restaurant or store with minimal english. Look for curry pastes with the same minimal or no english. … Continued

the good, the okay, the ugly…

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i’m sweating. it’s totally gross in our apartment. but i’m cooking. it’s just one of those weekends – between the packing, moving, unpacking, i haven’t had time to play in the kitchen. and while i’m exhausted, i’m cooking. today i … Continued

mixed results

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So I’m feeling the desire to get moved sooner (meaning next weekend) rather than later. Except that I do not want to pack. I picked up four egg boxes from Key Foods today and I’ve packed one full, the other … Continued


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Another foodie post for me! Tortilla pizza a la Eggface1 tortilla (this is burrito sized because that’s all I can find around here, Mission low carb/whole wheat)tomato sauce – I used Newman’s Own tomato basillots of cheese – I used … Continued