Glorious Bounty

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Yes, this is a incredibly cliche but insanely appropriate term for this week’s CSA share! Starting at 12:00 and going clockwise, you have kale, 2 ears of corn, 2 lbs of summer squash, white and red peppers, 3/4 lb yellow … Continued

A recap of Saturday

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The lovely Cathy from Not Eating Out In NY – where I heard about Saturday’s competition – did a recap of the day on her blog. For anyone that’s interested in seeing what delicious eats we had, or seeing the … Continued

Lovely soup creation…

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A recipe for you! Pictures will come sometime in the future – my card reader is still MIA and Fuji uses stupid XD cards. My brother has a multi-card reader, but it reads everything BUT XD. Anyway, here we go. … Continued


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Today was exhausting. In that crazy, invigorating way. I found out when I got to the event that it was outside. Yes, out. Side. In direct sun, for four+ hours. Great for a chilled soup, no? To cut to the … Continued

it’s 1am

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soup is a little over halfway done – berries are pureed, vinegar is added, a bit of watermelon has been added. gotta zest a few lemons and oranges, maybe juice an orange or two, add sugar, and maybe puree some … Continued

…I think I’m crazy.

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I’m not sure what has gotten into me today. Really. But all of a sudden, I just had to, HAD. TO., sign up for this cooking competition: the Souperdouper Soup Kitchen Sandwich Special. Do I make sandwiches at home often? … Continued