the teachings of november

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Committing to and sticking with NaBloPoMo is a great accomplishment in my book. I couldn’t terribly slack on cooking at home because I needed posts! Like now! And writing just feels good, no matter how grammatically painful it may be. But for … Continued

ff: a vegetable or two!

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Thursday was quite an awesome meal, and fairly well-rounded for Thanksgiving. But even with the roasted vegetables and salad that occurred, I still can’t stop thinking about more vegetables. There’s nothing quite like an abundance of vegetables to satiate the … Continued

happy thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving has arrived. My apartment smells of brown sugar, butter, pecans. Caramelized onions, roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli. My hands are the softest they’ve been in weeks, from the constant working of butter, tossing food in oil, the best moisturizers … Continued

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