fresh ginger pancakes with pomegranate molasses

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  1. sounds fantastic. creative take on the recipe! I love Greek yogurt with honey!

  2. yum, yum. and done in the true spirit of invention. Adding a jot of cider vinegar to milk works wonderfully. Check out my post last week about making ricotta in 10 minutes. It simply milk, buttermilk and cream, heated to 185, where it then separates into curds and whey. And the dogs loved the whey.

  3. Ah I love homemade ricotta. You can also use the whey to cook rice or grains, put in soup, or anywhere you might use water.

  4. Thanks, Alex! Your vegan molasses cookies looked great too.

  5. i love your take on this month’s swap! who doesn’t like pancakes? i’ve always wanted to try pomegranate molasses but i always forget to look for it at the store…i’ll have to pick some up now!

  6. What a great take on the recipe! Have never tried pomegranate molasses. I wish my husband liked pancakes, would have definitely tried this out!

  7. Ginger cookies with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses would be wonderful. Or crepes. Or anything. Let me know what you do with it if you get yourself some pom molasses. :)

  8. great idea with the pomegranate molasses – I’ve used it in scones, but love the other ideas you mentioned. Great recipe swap from cookies to pancakes!

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