small packages, great things

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We all know the phrase, great things come in small packages.

Today, I received one of the best, quirky little presents that fits that idea to a tee.

One of my favorite people, Emily Cavalier, gifted me with the most adorable and incredibly useful birthday presents. Kitchen Sticky Notes, Helpful Notes for the Home Cook, is a little portfolio of sticky notes.

The twenty-one different sticky notes are really cute ways to keep track of recipes you like in your books and magazines, foods to purchase, and other ideas and notes that need to be written down. It’s one of those completely¬†extraneous¬†additions to our life, yet it somehow feels perfect, almost necessary.

And I will admit there is a fabulous feeling when you receive a gift from a friend this lovely. I have known Emily for only a year and she’s become a completely awesome addition to my life. Her passion for the food community in New York, and Brooklyn especially, has driven me to attend events, meet people, be a part of projects I might never had before. Another little piece of myself feels very grateful, another little piece of myself feels content.

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  1. So friggin’ cute.

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