Hey there! My name is Emily and I’m the face [and brain] behind Nomnivorous. A fabric designer by day, enthusiastic consumer of all things delicious by night. I’m a Southern transplant who has found much to love in Brooklyn’s culinary community. Growing up with an Arab father and American mother’s culture-clash kitchen has created a very welcoming set of tastebuds. There is little out there to eat that I won’t give at least one chance. Feeling like quite the omnivore, I’m a cook and baker, a diner of nicer restaurants, dive spots and take out grabber. A lover of brunch, salty-sweet treats, vinho verde and warm bread from the oven with butter.

No matter what I’m eating, it all comes down to this for me: no matter what it is, all things taste better when made with love. Nomnivorous is the documentation of food made with love from my kitchen to yours.

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