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I love baking for people…

And cooking. It just makes me happy. And if it’s a surprise? Even better! I’ve been itching to bake recently. So, Sunday I picked up things I knew I needed (baking soda, brown sugar, chocolate chips) and decided I’d raid … Continue reading

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That was tonight’s dinner. That’s the beef in cabernet stew with frozen peas throw in and a spoonful of mashed potatoes on top. The peas cook in the microwave in the stew, and I made the taters. I got home … Continue reading

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I am the definition of grace and intelligence in the kitchen

Yeah friggin right. So, the beef in cabernet – since it was stew beef and slow cooked for a solid 12 hours, it definitely turned into a wine stew of sorts. I wanted to reduce the wine sauce and help … Continue reading

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Culinary suggestions

[Seriously, later this afternoon, I will blog about Garan. <3] I was a total slug Saturday…so to make up for it, I was up by 8am Sunday. Went to Trader Joe’s, home by 1, back out to grocery stores in … Continue reading

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