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Just a quick recipe…

After Leena so graciously gave me some ideas on my last post requesting culinary advice, yesterday I had quite a little cooking spree. She recommended a kale pizza with italian sausage. On that idea, and not really in the mood … Continue reading

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Calling all food gods/goddesses…

I need cooking inspiration! Thursday’s CSA load was: 1 Head of Lettuce1 Napa Cabbage1 Fennel2 Onions1 Large Pac Choi (Chinese cabbage)1 lb Kale I have no idea what to do with a lot of this, particularly fennel and something exciting … Continue reading

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i’m a name dropper…

on a side note, garlic scape pesto (see leena and adam’s recipes (yes, i like calling food bloggers i regularly read by their first name)) + egg + parmesan + tomatoes = yummy breakfast. when not dropped on your toe. … Continue reading

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