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pickled grapes three ways

Most people that know me or eat with me know that I’m fairly willing to try anything. And that includes fruit. I’ve tried and am trying just about any piece of produce that catches my eye. But grapes? Grapes easily … Continue reading

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taking stock of summer: joy extended

In my world, this summer was all about canning. It’s like an evil yet awesome addiction that takes over you. Why exactly I enjoy making up a tiny batch of plum noir jam or a few pints of peaches in … Continue reading

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my special zucchini bread

This is something I know I shouldn’t make a habit of, but I must start with an apology. This recipe has sat in my draft folder for months. I adore this zucchini bread and cannot imagine not sharing this with … Continue reading

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celebrating the transition: a meal for summer & fall

Fall has officially arrived in New York. And my heart is torn. I’m happy to leave behind the fabric-stuck-to-my-back sweaty days and dive into scarves and sweaters, quite sad to say goodbye to beach days and be faced with 6pm … Continue reading

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