jam winners!

Thanks to everyone that played along with Emily’s first giveaway adventure! So I forgot to specifiy, the winners on the blog and Facebook were chosen with Random.Org. And now, I present you with winners!

First, on the blog we had ten beautiful comments. [No really, mouthwatering suggestions abound.] But the winner was…

Autumn! She happens to be a canning/swapping/blogging buddy, and the writer of the very awesome Autum Makes and Does! It’s a great, and also gluten-free, blog. I discovered she was doing a giveaway this week as well, so a little giveaway karma seemed to be sent her way by way of random numbers.

Now, on Facebook, I have 41 new fans and the winner over there was…

Which, no collusion involved, happened to also be a blogging friend of mine, Anna of Very Small Anna. She’s a baker who makes rather pretty cupcakes that are a far cry from the monstrosity of Crumbs.

So there you go, the first giveaway. I really hope to do more of these, whether it’s jarred goodies, products or items I love, or whatever else floats my way. And thank you for playing along!

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